An aspect that is worth looking into the BITPÈTITE project concerns the real business with which the HYIP investment plans are supported

We tested the excange system that is used within the DEEP WEB with the TOR browser, which can guarantee an almost total anonymity.


At first glance, the BITPÈTITE application working on the TOR network, is scarce, we might say it’s essential.


You do not have to register, simply enter the public key of your Bitcoin wallet. Once inserted, the application creates a wallet for the transaction in which up to 10 Bitcoin can be deposited.


The rate of exchange depends directly on the funds availability in the BITPÈTITE. Generally, transactions are processed immediately after receiving the transfer order.

To increase the anonymity of your finances, it’s recommend to use the deferred exchange option.

The minimum transfer amount is 0.01 BTC and the maximum is depending by the total Bitcoin amount in the BITPÈTITE system. The exact amount available is displayed on the order page.

The number of confirmations required depends on the amount of the transaction, up to 25 BTC is required just 1 confirmation.

The minimum service fee is 0.5% of the amount transferred and is applied a charge of 0,0005 BTC for each specified receive address.

To increase the difficult to analyze the financial activity associated with this transaction, you can choose a higher service tax when you place an order. Knowing the amount of Standard Service Fee, a third party can analyze the public register of Bitcoin transactions and deduct the receiving address. Transactions that use random service quantities are more difficult to follow.

Is very interesting know how BITPÈTITE take care of the privacy of their customers. First at all they don’t have a Bitcoin wallet database and they don’t store any information about the transactions. As seen, this service does not require any identification information.

BITPÈTITE don’t even have a Bitcoin wallet and the sending addresses generated for money transfers only for the period in which they remain valid.

To give a proof of the money transfer, the system provide a transaction receipt with a digital signature. This must be preserved until the bank transfer is complete.