XFaucet cryptocurrency faucet

The DigitalGain XFaucet has been moved into the new DigitalGain Playcenter, our innovative entertainment platform based on cryptography and crypto-currencies. This page remain as courtesy page until on 31st, December 2018
The DigitalGain XFaucet is a revolutionary cryptocurrency faucet with exchange capabilities: accumulate Digicoin (DGC), then exchange it in one of this currency: .

2-level Referral program

Talk to your friends and enemies about the new DigitalGain XFaucet.
We reward your first and second referral level incrementing your referral bonus, getting up the possibility to earn much more.

Currency Daily Bonus

We reward your every day first claim with a 0.5% bonus on the currency you claim; you can increment your currency claims up to 150%.

You need to claim at least one time every day on that currency or your bonus will be raised.

Referral Bonus

0.3% bonus for every first level referrals and 0.1% bonus on every second level referrals, up to 250%.
This means that you can earn twice from your referrals!

No exchange fees

We are able to exchange DGC without apply fees, this means that we send to your preferred wallet the entire amount you request.



Profit description: Variable

Fomo3D / 23473

Profit description: Variable: buy keys, tokens or win the pot! Over 40M $ in pot!

Free Dogecoin / 10729

Profit description: up to 700,000 doge every 60 minutes

Swiss ADV Pay / 10122

Profit description: up to 0.00198656 BTC every 45 min

Wild Bitcoin / 9653

Profit description: up to 1,200 satoshi every hour

Moon Litecoin / 6307

Profit description: Up to 1,000,000 Litoshi / /day

Moon Bitcoin / 5323

Profit description: up to 10,000 Satoshi / day

Moon Dogecoin / 4147

Profit description: 0.80 dogecoin every 5 minutes + up to 300%

AD-BTC / 4086

Profit description: Bitcoins for viewing websites - up to 1,500 Satoshi

BonusBitcoin / 4066

Profit description: up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes

FreeBitco.in / 3671

Profit description: From 174 Satoshi up to 0.17 BTC

BFaucet / 2232

Profit description: 10-50 Satoshi every 5 mins

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