Read before investing

If you have recently found out HYIP investments, maybe you are attracted from earnings prospects and, at the same time, you are thinking about the reliability.

Behind these programs there are not real companies engaged in production or services. In the 99% of cases, HYIPS are pyramid games also called Ponzi scheme.

Earning with HYIPs requires experience and anyway still remain high-risk investments.

Do not be dazzled by lights and special effects, high percentages and instant payment proofs.

Remember that new investors usually lose their initial capital if they act haphazardly.

So our first suggestion is to use "play moneyā€¯ at begin. Try to virtually invest in and use our monitors to see trends of your virtual investments. Play this game for a few weeks.

Surely, this virtual experience will make you understand a bit more about HYIP Industry and, at this point, you can decide whether to invest or he leaves.

If you really want to try, here are other tips to follow, there are two things to consider, that are perhaps trivial, but very important:

  1. Do not put all your eggs in one basket;
  2. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

Best programs have important underlying investments and are quite original. Often they use customized and unique script (the script is the "engine" of the site). These programs are able to pay for several months and even years.

There are few programs that pay more than one cycle, controls the investment that has been done on advertising, you can easily check this on website, there you can see how many and what type of monitors were activated and then the investment you made program in advertising.

Remember to be selective and choose only the most promising programs. Check our listing, look what people says on forums about the program you are considering (you can find forum links on listing boxes).

Navigate on other sites (we recommend you DN and ISA).

Pays attention to details, such as who is the hosting provider, the security (SSL encrypt, DDoS protection), the date domain expires, popularity trend seeing Alexa charts.

You will discover that the net is full of all sorts of crooks and blackmailers. There are blackmailers that, if Admins do not pay them, they enter "bad votes" and scam reports.

Evaluated the professionalism of the graphics, such as how they wrote FAQ pages, the page "About us" and the other static contents.

Is the project professional and original? It is a good sign, it means that the administrator has spent time and resources and that the project is of a good one and that is more likely to last long.

If you have doubts. Use the stand and ask, a quick response is a good sign too. The program has a live chat? Try it! It has a phone number? Call!

Then there are issues that require experience to evaluate, such as the sustainability of medium and long-term payment plans.

On our monitor, you never find programs with certain characteristics that we prefer to avoid.

In any case, remember to avoid:

  1. Programs with timetables plans that reach ROI in less than 10 days;
  2. Programs that promise extremely high ROI within 1-3 days;
  3. Payment of the type "After xx days" Plans where xx is a number greater than 5 days.

On how many programs invest?

We told you do not to risk everything on one endeavor, so the substance is that you will be able to manage a portfolio and personal, you can do this using your dashboard investors (we will release this very soon).

How much invest?

Manage a HYIP investments portfolio means betting on 10-20 active programs in the same period.

This implies distribute the overall budget.

Invest $10 in a single program do not have sense, but assuming you want to manage a portfolio of $500-$1000, that's roughly the amount to be allocated to a single program will be of the order of 50-100 dollars.

Bad signal

Nobody can say when a HYIP is about to close. But there may be bad signals, such as:

  1. Receive email introducing new plans with high ROI;
  2. Receive e-mail inviting you to sign up for new investments promising deposit bonus;
  3. Admin who writes amazing successes bragging thousands of investors;
  4. Negative reversal on Alexa traffic.

If these signals arrive, try to collect all of your money (if you can!)

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