Multi coin Faucets, (aka Multi-faucets), are sites that have the prerogative of having more faucets providing different cryptocurrencies. So, through the use of a single portal, the user can claiming different digital coins.
This new type of faucet is increasingly gaining ground with the growth of the cryptocurrency phenomenon and the number of Altcoin.


The term “Multi-faucets” is sometimes used as an attribute of those micro-wallets, which act as collectors of several faucets, often also of different cryptocurrencies, such as FaucetHub or Coinpot. More properly, however, in the more correct meaning of Multicoin-faucets, this word defines all those sites that contain more faucets  of virtual coins.

There are two types of Multi-faucets: the easy one, consisting of a single domain that presents pages each with an autonomous faucet, and a more structured one, with a portal that offers the user a single panel through which claim more cryptocurrencies. The first type has been present from more time on the Web and does not show significant features in the operation compared to a single BTC or Altcoin faucet, the second Multi-faucets group represents an increasingly popular new among online crypto faucets.

These last Multi-faucets  generally require the user to register with a username and password to access their account where they can request the different digital coins. Usually the claiming procedures are very easy, above all thanks to the fact of being able to save in advance their own wallet addresses and not having to rewrite them to each request.

The withdraw is often immediate, but sometimes you need to reach a minimum payout.


The first advantage in using Multi-faucets is that the user has the opportunity to claim different cryptocurrencies without having to move from one site to another, but simply remaining within their own account panel from where to manage everything within reach of click. Moreover, the simplified claiming offers a good saving of time and resources.

These Multi-faucets, moreover, compared to the majority of single faucets, often offer greater earning opportunities, through bonuses, lotteries, games and PTC.

In the table below we offer a collection of the best active and regularly paying Multi-Faucets. We have personally tested the perfect functioning of these sites.