Admin – a person or a group of persons who run a HYIP.

After-one-day program –  program what have investment plans what pays after one day, like 103% after one day where 3% of that is your profit.

Alexa – also known as Alexa rankings, is semi-valid rankings what HYIP people use to check how popular is some given HYIP website. article over here.

Automatic payments – payments made automatically without requesting them.

Black December – period when usually scams big part of HYIPs (before the Christmas).

Break even – it is the point when you earn back your invested money and after that all the rest is your profit. Wikipedia article over here.

Business days – also known as working days, project what is paying 5 days per week.

Calendar days – project what is paying profit 7 days per week.

Compounding – part of your interest is reinvested back to “initial investment” in case to generate more profit. Never use compounding for any deposit.

DDOS Attack – it is when some party (usually hackers) flood website with countless requests and for that time website is not accessible. article over here.

Domain – domain is the website name what you see in your internet browser, for example, or

HYIP –  a high-yield investment program. Wikipedia article over here.

Hosting – is the place where website physically is located, usually it is some server from some HYIP hosting.

Instant payments – payments made automatically when you request them from the user panel of HYIP program.

Long term program – program what pays small interest rate daily usually for more then 100 days. Sometimes such programs offers “principal back” feature in the end of investment term.

Manual payments – payments paid by HYIP admin with “hands” manually.

Monitor – website what monitors a HYIP and shows if HYIP is paying or not. Monitors does not guarantee profit!

Payment processor – is payment system what allows you to invest in HYIP.

Piggy bank program – program what allows you to withdraw your initial investment any time.

Principal – your initial investment amount.

RCB – also known as refback, when you place deposit under some RCB monitor what pays you back commission what he has received from your deposit.

Referral program – also known as affiliate program, is program what says how much you will earn from the person what you attract to the program.

ROI – return of investment – is how much profit your investment will return. Wikipedia article over here.

SCAM – in world of HYIPs scam usually mean that program has stopped paying.

Short term program – program what pays for relatively short period of time, usually investment plans have included interest in daily payments, for 10 till 50 days.

SSL Encryption – is an encryption what encrypts data/connection between your computer and HYIP website, so no one can capture your passwords or other information what you are exchanging.

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