With pleasure, we publish the interview with David,the legendary blogger of DavidNews.com, considered a true “guru” in HYIP field.

Hello and thanks for this unique opportunity. Usually, I’m on the other side of the interview, and I ask questions to HYIP administrators or some HYIP field related persons and answering questions is something new for me. Right from the start, I would like to say that I’m not “guru” of HYIP field since I’m a regular investor like everyone else, and I’m still learning together with all DavidNews.com blog readers. Each day I’m learning something new, but this industry is so unpredictable that something that worked out two years ago, does not work out these days and you should start learning again from the beginning.

Hello David, thanks for your kind availability, Can you tell us something about you and what do you do in life?

I do not like to talk a lot about myself, but I can say that these days I focus more on things that matter the most – my family. Yes, there was a time when DavidNews.com took a lot of my day, but since many things are already working I focus more on my family and one offline business where I’m operating in for eight years already. I do not want to get into details, but it is related with forwarding.

You are known as a leading expert in the HYIP investment industry, as you approached this market?

I’m not sure if I understand the question right, but if the question is how I arrived into this industry than the answer is pretty simple, and I think it is quite an ordinary story for many HYIP investors. Several years ago my offline things were going quite bad; latest worldwide economic crisis hit me hard, and I lost approximately 70% of the capital that I had, and I was looking for new ways how to earn money. One day I came across HYIP and invested. I do not remember how it all started, but I got quite addicted and invested in many HYIPs and in many made profit. Unlike these days before Liberty Reserve collapse, HYIPs lasted for longer periods of time, and it was possible to make some good money with them (okay not very good, but I know many people were able to make living out of HYIP investments). Then Liberty Reserve payment processor was closed by US authorities, and HYIP market was done at that point.

Then I was looking for new ways how to make money and starting a blog and earning from Google ads was my new idea, but it turned out that from Google ads you can’t earn a dime. Yes, whole DavidNews.com idea was making articles and earning from Google ads. As you see it did not turn out that way, but now because of this idea we have DavidNews.com.

There are hundreds if not thousands of HYIP investment proposals, how you select the programs to attend?

Mainly HYIP administrators apply with their projects themselves than based on my experience (sometimes also gut feeling) I decide either to add the project or decline it. Then there are projects that I add myself – if I see potential in the project I just add it myself.

There are also hundreds HYIP monitors, we know that most of these are funded or finianced by the HYIPS programs themselves, in what DavidNews is different?

DavidNews.com is also financed by HYIP projects because a big part of projects that you can find on DavidNews.com pay monitoring fee. The main difference between DavidNews.com and others is that not all projects are accepted, and that makes DavidNews.com place where you can find just quality HYIP projects.

What are the programs types that you like most and which ones you definitely not recommend?

It is a difficult question because HYIP trends change from year to year. For example, four years ago my favorite projects where long-term HYIP because they were to most popular HYIPs at that time. Today I must say that I prefer projects that do not return initial deposit at the end of the investment term, but include it in the payments. If you ask about investment term than I like middle term projects.

With a good strategy and diversifying the portfolio, can we  have a decent income with HYIPS?

Yes, of course. But there is one crucial aspect – invest only in few HYIPs, just the best ones. Yes, sometimes I and everyone else wants to invest in every shiny HYIP that comes around, but good HYIP player will invest only in few HYIPs and in most of them he will make profit.

How a balanced investment portfolio HYIP  should  be composed?

I’m not sure if I got the question right, but I think lie already replied to this one when I gave an answer to the previous question.

we recently have analyzed how sleeper Hyips works, do you think is better invest in a still sleeping or wait his launch?

Lately, I had been thinking about this question a lot, even way before you sent me this question like an interview question. To be honest, I think that in the past it was safe to invest in sleeper HYIPs, but that time is over, and I have this feeling that sleeper HYIPs for many HYIP administrators is (and will be) new way how to scam investors. My answer is – I think it is better to wait for launch.

Speaking of sleeper programs, are you keeping an eye on some of these?

No, and I explained why already in the previous answer.

HYIP admins are generally considered quite attentive to their interests. You have reviewed, interviewed and maybe met dozens, Can you tell if among them there are reliable and professionals?

Well, I think that it is hard to say who is honest and trustworthy and who is not because many just lies in interviews.

What can we expect from HYIP industry in 2016? Are you aware about new forms of investment and opportunities?

We can expect that industry will get stronger and better in 2016. Already now we can see that this is the most stable period of 2-3 years in this industry. I’m not aware of new forms of investments because overall all of them are still based on HYIP scheme even they are called somehow different.

Thanks David, we hope to hear from you and look forward to our blog as an author!

Thank you too, good luck with your work.