Around the HYIPs world, there are two main types of services conceived to guide and motivate the investor. These two are BLOGs and MONITORs.

Know if  are born first MONITOR & BLOG or the HYIP is a bit like asking if is born first the egg or hen and, as it happens in all human events, the evolution has produced many mutations of these primary species which, in fact, now they really look different among themselves.

Before talking about PROFVEST and about services offered to investors, let’s ask a question: what kind of expertise you will trust if you decide to invest your financial resources in HYIP or in other programs? In other word: what could I benefit from a BLOG or MONITOR if I decide to invest?

Qualified information

We have said in other articles that, in order to succeed in HYIP investments, we must evaluate many features, but above all, it is important to diversify your portfolio by choosing the most promising designs.

A detailed presentation of the features, carried out by industry experts who for years have been studying the HYIP galaxy, is indispensable, especially for those who are newbie in this field.

However, it should be kept in mind that both BLOGs and MONITORs receive financial resources from HYIP project Administrators, and these, in order to offer visibility to their product, purchase listings and other advertising services, and therefore, a considerable part of them, protect their economic interest and they are available to advertise anyone as long as he pay. In substance, this means that information is part of, or even unreliable, in many cases.

There are anyway information services (BLOG, MONITOR, or both), that don’t are available to promote any project, evaluating in advance which projects is deserving of support and which one is to decline. These, in truth, are certainly not the most, but they are definitely those who gain long-term credibility with investors.

RCB and Bonus

For those who do not know it, the RCB (Referral Cash Back) is the refund of the compensation that you receive for having provided an investor to a HYIP program. MONITORs and BLOGs associate their referral to the programs link, so after a payout, they collect a referral quota that can vary from 1% to 15%.

Many services offer the RCB, in total, partial or even increased. However, mindful of the miraculous promises of returning 5.000% of RCB, it is often tactical. In any case, receive the RCB is very beneficial to the investors wallet.

Compensation Funds

Just few services offers the compensation (or insurance) such investor’s protection.

These funds come from payments made by the same HYIP Administrators or receiving part of the advertising revenues of the channel

If the project fails to pay before the time limit of the guarantee fund, investors will be able to receive all or part of what they have lost in this project.

The slice of cake received as compensation is therefore dependent on the number of investors and the total amount lost.

If there are few investment support services that offer insurances, are even more rare those with a transparent and documented income management.

The PROFVEST project

PROFVEST channel has been founded in the 2012 and was oriented to the Forex till 2015.

Recently, has expanded its field of activity to other form of investment, approaching areas such as crypto currency and HYIPs.

The project has always had the priority of being “on the part of the investor”, offering an objective and qualified information services and, especially, protecting the investment through a relevant guarantee fund. The Company rise this insurance fund with a revenue part received from banners and advertising, and, In the 30% of cases they full cover losses of their investors.

PROFVEST is a BLOG but at the same time offers the payment monitoring service performed on HYIP projects included in its portfolio.

Consultants working on this project are numerous and many of them have a wealth of experience in financial investment. Actually In the blog works eleven people: general editor, general writer, 2 writers experts about crypto-currency and other items, designers. Two staff members take care of  the social media. Some more people works in the project as outsourcing: a video reviewer, the seo-master and some software developers. Taras is the owner, accountant and guides the company’s strategies.

PROFVEST makes some contests and other prize givings. The blog also offers  contests with  prize pool from 300$ to 1000$. For example: every month there’s a “Activity contest“ with 300$ prize. It going every month. All every month.

The Tara’s project immediately strikes for its uniqueness and management transparency.

The information provided is both: objective and very clear. At the same time, the programs included in the PROFVEST portfolio are “high Level” or those that, after careful analysis, have behind an expert Admin and was been made with significant investments. Indispensable feature for a long lifespan.

The section devoted to HYIP is just a part of what PROFVEST proposes to users: the content embraces in a wider way all the investment opportunities available on the net and off-line, of course, that have certain reliability features.

The only flaw is that, for now, the only language used is the Russian. We hope that, with his presumable growth, additional languages will be added soon.

From a technical point of view, the site is very full of gadgets, support for users is virtually never interrupted thanks to an animated internal chat and, the users are constantly updated on news with the notifications directly on browser.

It also cares about communication, the content of PROFVEST, in fact, are available in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other important social media.


Whether you are a newbie at the first attempts to invest, whether you consider yourself, wrongly or reasoning, a experts, we strongly recommend to add PROFVEST to your bookmarks!