The Digitalgain Channel is started with the collaboration between a group of enthusiasts in the crypto currencies world and in financial investments that use these decentralized financial instruments.

The whole reason why people get into Bitcoin is to no longer be dependent on a bank. The motto that we like about Bitcoin is ‘be your own bank’.

You don’t want to be part of a financial system that keeps you hostage when they own your funds.

Surfing through all offers and services focused on the e-currencies, we realized that existed the space for a different initiative, including both a solid and reliable system to earn the major electronic currencies and the expertise on the universe of financial investments on the Net.

We believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will be a key part of our future.


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BTG-LDT May 23, 2017

Bit Trading Group Ltd is a cryptocurrency investment company established in 2017.
It's a fully registered investment company based in the United Kingdom with the Corporate Headquarters located in 127 Palmerston Road, London, United Kingdom, N22 8QX. In this project you can earn from 3% to 6% every day using the crypto currency Bitcoin. The amount of interest is depending from the active deposits. 


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DAIC May 17, 2017

DELUXE APARTMENT INVEST COMPANY is involved in investing in projects under construction with the purpose of further resale, ready-made premium-class premises intended for comfortable living of theyr clients. Real estate is currently the most popular area for investment, in particular, the facilities located in the territory of developed countries belonging to the category of luxury. This is due to a systematic increase in cost, which annually reaches 15 percent. This becomes a guarantee of profitability with almost no risks. The trend covers all types of objects, both in the format of urban apartments, and in the form of small suburban estates.

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BIT-BONUM May 17, 2017

It is invеstment program which belongs and operated by Bit-bonum Limited. Bit-bonum activity is trаding on cryptocurrency markets and mining industry. They have technical and financial experts who have enough knowledge to get profit and to manage the income. The Bit-bonum Limited has transferred the procedure of association in January, 2017 in the United Kingdom and works within the law.


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FEX FUND May 6, 2017

FexFund is part of the Fex Trade LTD group, which aims to maximize the Group's profits by investing in crypto currencies, Forex, stock exchange and startups. Our main goal is to provide the best investment results for our customers. We have a dedicated team working around the whole country and looking for investment opportunities.


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ALTCOINER Apr 4, 2017

Behind the AltCoiner project there's a real Company, officially Registered in Hong Kong since 2013 (Alternative Limited - Registration No. 2012774). The company is mainly engaged in crypto currency trading market - the alternative crypto-currencies launched after the success of Bitcoin. is the 1-st genuine platform for assisted trading of Altcoins. Alternative digital currencies (AltCoins) are one of the most exciting markets for crypto-traders today. They are highly v...

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The new DigitalGain XFaucet supports 7 crypto-currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Dashcoin, Monero.

We reward your every day first claim with a 0.5% bonus on the currency you claim; you can increment your currency claims up to 150%.

0.3% bonus for every first level referrals and 0.1% bonus on every second level referrals, up to 250%.

This means that you can earn twice from your referrals!

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